Embroidery Stitch Guide
6 basic stitches used for hand embroidery
Stem/Outline Stitch

Work from left to right,
taking regular, slightly
slanting stitches along the
line of the design.
Cross Stitch

Bring the needle thru on
the lower right line of
the cross and insert at
the top of the same line,
taking a stitch thru the
fabric to lower left line
(a).  Continue to the end
of the row.  Complete
the other half of the
cross in the same
manner, with all stitches
going in the same
direction (b).
Straight/Spoke Stitch

Work stitches in either
regular or irregular manner,
as often stitches are of
varying size.  Stitches should
not be too long nor too loose
(between 1/8" and 1/2").
Satin Stitch

Take care to keep
within the lines of the
design for a clean edge.  
Work straight stitches
across the shape to fill it
in.  Don't make the
stitches too long or they
may pull up and won't
hold their shape.  
Lazy Daisy

Bring thread out at top of
line; hold it down with left
thumb.  Insert the needle
where it last emerged and
bring the point out as
indicated.  Pull thread thru,
keeping the working thread
under the point of the needle
(a).  Fasten each loop at the
center with a small stitch (b).
French Knot

Bring thread out where you want
to place your knot.  Hold thread
down with left thumb and wind the
thread 2-3 times around the needle
(a).   Hold onto the thread, twist
needle back to the starting point
and insert it close to where the
thread first emerged.  Pull thread
thru to the back and secure, or
bring needle up again to make
additonal knots (b).
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